May 1 - International Workers' Day

This past weekend at various communities across Canada, many UFCW Canada members joined thousands of other working people and their families to participate in rallies, parades and gatherings to mark International Workers' Day.

They joined in spirit with millions of other workers across the globe who celebrate May 1st (May Day) as their Labour Day.

For more than a century International Workers' Day has acknowledged and celebrated the achievements
of the trade union movement. The list is long and includes the establishment of employment standards, occupational health and safety legislation, and old age security.

Commemorating the hard-won victories of working people is important, but International Workers’ Day is also an annual alert that the struggle remains —  and even more so, as the exploitative impact of globalization can only be countered by heightened international solidarity.

So on May 1, International Workers' Day we were reminded – as 21st century workers – to stand with our Sisters and Brothers around the globe in common purpose and solidarity, for our citizenships may be different but many of our interests as working people are the same.

Vol. X No. 17 • May 3, 2010