New RSI Awareness Day workplace poster issued by UFCW Canada

On Feb. 28, UFCW Canada joins members and other labour groups around the world to recognize RSI Awareness Day, a day of education about the dangers to workers of Repetitive Strain Injuries, or RSIs.

Health-and-safety activists initiated the day of awareness in 2000 to help bring attention to an occupational hazard that affects thousands of people in many different sectors, and members working in UFCW Canada core industries – from cashiers to packinghouse workers – in particular.

The UFCW Canada National Office has produced a new RSI Awareness Day for 2010 that is ideal for workplace postings to highlight the event. Copies of the poster, in both official languages, have been sent to local unions for distribution, and additional copies are available on request. The poster, along with other RSI workshop and information materials, can also be downloaded by visiting

Vol. X No. 7, Feb. 22, 2010