UFCW Canada stands with Chile CAN Rise

In the wake of the late-February earthquake that shook not only the nation of Chile but also the lives of thousands of Chileans worldwide, UFCW Canada was amongst the first organizations to respond to the crisis with a donation of $5,000 to Oxfam. Hand-in-hand with Chile CAN Rise – an umbrella coalition under which many Chilean Canadian organizations have united their fundraising efforts – UFCW Canada stands with the people of Chile in this time of need.
In addition to the financial contribution, UFCW Canada has opened its doors to Chile CAN Rise’s efforts by donating printing services and print materials that have proved invaluable to the ongoing fundraising efforts. “The help given by UFCW Canada truly illustrates the importance behind solidarity in times like these,” says Pablo Vivanco, chair of Chile CAN Rise. “We thank UFCW Canada members for their ongoing support.”

“As Chile continues to recover from the earthquake and tsunami, UFCW Canada will continue to support that effort,” says UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley. “The work of the Chile CAN Rise coalition brings together the strength and spirit of thousands of Chilean Canadians, many of whom are UFCW Canada members. We are proud to stand in solidarity with them, and will continue to stand with them and the Chilean people in the months to come.”

At the coalition’s founding meeting in March, Chile CAN Rise members unanimously decided that all funds raised will be donated directly to Oxfam, which procures its resources locally to ensure that all aid is delivered directly to those in need in the most affected areas.

DIRECTIONS • Vol. X No. 14 • April 12, 2010