Why UFCW Canada is the Best Union for You

With more than 250,000 members, UFCW Canada is the leading private sector union for workers to join and belong to. We have succeeded in making the unionized retail job one that pays a decent living wage so workers can provide for themselves and their families. Our collective agreements provide our members with benefits unheard of in non-union workplaces. These benefits include: grievance procedures to ensure no one is fired or disciplined unfairly, guaranteed wage increases, dental, drug and eye care benefits, and employer-paid pension plans.

Our commitment to our core industries is unlike any other union in Canada. As manufacturing jobs flee to other parts of the world, UFCW Canada recognizes the need to raise the standards of all workers as the service industry becomes the major source of employment for many. In fact, we identified this reality a long time ago and have committed ourselves to winning a fair standard of living for service sector workers everywhere. This is why thousands of employees have chosen to join the strongest union in the country – UFCW Canada – and to gain the protection of a strong collective agreement, good wages, employer-paid benefits and fair treatment at work.

We know that the struggle for justice and fairness does not end at work – it is part of our lives at home and in our communities. UFCW Canada is grounded in the communities where our members and their families live. We are not a business – we are a not-for-pprofit organization that is solely responsible for meeting the everyday needs of our members. By supporting and celebrating the diversity of the women and men who belong to UFCW Canada, we are able to break down the barriers that divide workers and raise living standards for all. Good jobs, affordable housing, free training and education, accessible health care, safe and welcoming neighbourhoods – that’s what UFCW Canada builds for workers across the nation.

You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at work and you deserve a living wage. You deserve enough hours to provide for a good paycheque and shifts that fit your schedule. You deserve good health benefits and a secure future for you and your family. You deserve the benefits of UFCW Canada. Find out more about joining the best union in Canada.

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