National Staff gathers in Port Credit

UFCW Canada national representatives from across the country recently gathered in Port Credit, Ontario, to participate in the annual National Staff Conference. The week-long conference was dedicated to updating skills and looking at the union’s national progress, as well as discussing experiences in the Western, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Regions.

The year’s National Staff Conference focused on improving the National Office’s ability to communicate, and held sessions to build stronger listening, mediation, and problem solving skill.

Part of the conference was also dedicated to building new technical skills, with workshops on citizen journalism, interviewing and videography.  All staff are now equipped with the ability to contribute to the union’s growing multi-media needs, including on the scene video reports for, YouTube, and other social networking websites.

“National representatives are in every province of the country working hard with local unions to realize the union’s strategy for the future and the 2018 Growth Target,” says UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley. “So the conference is the one week per year that we have a chance to come together as a group, have a face-to-face conversation about where we are and where we’re going as union, and just spend some some time getting to know each other better.” 

Over 60 officers, national representatives, office staff, and special representatives report to the National Office and serve UFCW Canada in every province of the country.

Vol. X No. 40 • October 12, 200