Sexual Harassment

No More Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Brochure
Sexual Harassment
Action Card

Developed at the request of the UFCW Canada National Council Women & Gender Equity Committee, the #NoMore Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Brochure is an easy-to-use resource that is “dedicated to making sure our members and their representatives are fully aware of their legal rights when it comes to fighting sexual harassment in the workplace,” says Debora De Angelis, committee chairperson and UFCW Canada Director for the Ontario Region.

“Sexual harassment is a destructive, abusive and degrading form of treatment that should never be tolerated, and as union members and activists we must challenge sexual harassment when and wherever it occurs – starting with our workplaces,” adds Debora. “Creating work environments that are free from sexual harassment starts with empowering workers with the knowledge they need to make a stand and this new guide is dedicated to doing just that.”



In a unionized workplace
report the harassment to your Union Representative. Your Union Representative is there to help you and advocate on your behalf.

If it is safe to do so, let the harasser know that their behaviour is inappropriate.

Record all incidents that occur with the harasser.

In a workplace where there is no union,
some of your options include:

Filing a Human Rights complaint

All jurisdictions across Canada have a Human Rights Code (which prohibits discrimination and harassment based on a protected ground such as race, colour, creed, place of origin, sex, ethnic origin, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, record of offences, age, disability, religion, ancestry, marital status and family status). Contact your Human Rights Office to file a human rights application. Note: Time limits vary from province to province for filing a complaint. Do a web search for “Human Rights Code” and contact your Human Rights Commission.

Law Society Referral Service

All provinces have a referral service for lawyers or paralegals who will provide up to 30 minutes of free consultation to explore your options. To access this free referral service through the government of Canada, do a web search for “Lawyers referral services - Justice Department”.

Ministry of Labour

If your employer does not have a workplace harassment policy or program and/or did not provide information and instruction on the employer’s policy and program, contact your Ministry of Labour. Do a web search for “Ministry of Labour”.

Labour Relations Board

A worker who believes that the employer has taken an action against them for making a complaint, may file a complaint with the Labour Board. Do a web search for “Labour Board”.