Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Reference & Rights Guide

No More Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Brochure
Sexual Harassment
Action Card

Developed at the request of the UFCW Canada National Council Women’s Advisory Committee, the No More Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Brochure is an easy-to-use resource that is “dedicated to making sure our members and their representatives are fully aware of their legal rights when it comes to fighting sexual harassment in the workplace,” says Nancy Quiring, committee chairperson and UFCW Canada director for the Western Region.

“Sexual harassment is a destructive, abusive and degrading form of treatment that should never be tolerated, and as union members and activists we must challenge sexual harassment when and wherever it occurs – starting with our workplaces,” adds Sister Quiring. “Creating work environments that are free from sexual harassment starts with empowering UFCW Canada members with the knowledge they need to make a stand and this new legislation guide is dedicated to doing just that.”

In addition to the new Workplace Sexual Harassment Reference & Rights Guide, the Women’s Advisory Committee is also offering a new poster to help draw attention to the need for awareness and action on an issue that impacts every industry and every region of the country.