The Japan disaster

We are saddened and horrified by the tragedy that has struck our neighbours in Japan. To all who have lost loved ones, including UFCW Canada members who have lost friends or family, we extend our thoughts, prayers and condolences.

The scope of this natural disaster is incomprehensible, but it is human nature to rise, stand up and survive even in the face of horrendous calamity. Yet, while we know that our courageous sisters and brothers in Japan will rebuild, the road is many years long and the sorrow of a lost home or loved ones will last for decades.

We cannot lessen the sorrow but we can assist our neighbours in moving from this terrible moment to recovery.  UFCW Canada members and their Local Unions have always been there to provide their strength, compassion and fundraising for those in urgent need, and no doubt will show their commitment again as they did when tragedies struck Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Orleans, Haiti, Chile and Pakistan.

To reinforce their efforts, UFCW Canada as national union will also be donating toward relief efforts for Japan. We are also calling on the Canadian government to renew its program of matching
dollar-for-dollar, the donations Canadians make toward disaster relief and rebuilding efforts.

Our neighbours need us now. We must be there for them.

In solidarity,
Wayne Hanley
National President