Election resources for activists

Two-sided “Who is on Our Side” leaflet

Four page “Who is on Our Side” pamphlet

As UFCW Canada activists mobilize from coast to coast to make the difference in the 2011 federal election, they have full access to a set of political action resources to help them elect a Canadian government that represents the interests of working families.

The election resources are offered by the National Political Action Department to make sure UFCW Canada activists have the tools they need to communicate the issues that are central to building stronger, healthier and fairer communities.

Election Resources for UFCW Canada Activists:

Activists can also use Facebook to receive Action Alerts that will be delivered through the union’s Facebook page during the election campaign. To make sure you receive these timely opportunities for activism, go to www.facebook.com/ufcwcanada, where you can join or “Like” the page.

In addition to communicating with friends and co-workers about the importance of electing a government that represents the interests of working families, UFCW Canada members are also encouraged to play active roles in supporting pro-worker candidates in their communities and ridings.

UFCW Canada activists wishing to make a difference in a particular campaign are welcome to enquire about the political action opportunities offered through their local union.