Locals 175 and 1977 merge to become 60,000 members strong!

Part One of the new video history of Canada’s largest local union, UFCW Canada Locals 175 & 633.

The members of UFCW Canada Locals 175 and 1977 recently voted to combine their local unions and create a new bargaining force that will be 60,000 members strong.  

The Local 175 and 1977 merger – which follows a history of coordinated action and Solidarity Pacts between the two local unions – will become effective on August 1, 2011.  

In advance of the merger, which will welcome over 9,000 Local 1977 into the Local 175 family, a video history was recently produced to commemorate the creation of Canada’s largest local union, UFCW Canada Local 175. The documentary is now available in its entirety on the Locals 175 & 633 YouTube Channel.


Vol. XI No. 28 • July 11, 2011