UFCW Canada jumps up at this year’s Junior Caribana Carnival


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UFCW Canada activists braved the sweltering heat on July 16 to join over 3,000 spectacularly dressed kids in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto for this year’s Caribana Junior Carnival.

Coming on the heels of the UFCW Canada Summer Splash, Locals 1000A, 1993, and the National Office played mas with the union’s long-time community partner – and last year’s Junior Parade winner – the Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club Band.

“Caribana is an outstanding community event that celebrates the diversity of our country and UFCW Canada is always proud and delighted to participate in this remarkable event,” says UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley. “It was especially great to be part of this year’s Junior Parade because it was held in Jane and Finch, a community where UFCW Canada members live and work, and a community where the union has been very active working with youth and other marginalized workers to make sure they know their rights and the value of collective action.”

Junior Carnival is an annual mini parade that gives young children the chance to join in the fun by parading with the floats and bands, while masquerading through the streets in the festive costumes that are a traditional part of the main parade held on a later date during one of Canada’s largest cultural festivals.

Stay tuned to DIRECTIONS for full coverage of the 2011 Toronto Caribana Parade, where UFCW Canada will be in force on July 30.