Team Virgil wins first-ever Liberation Cup


Migrant workers and UFCW Canada activists playing in the first-ever Liberation Cup Soccer Tournament in Virgil, Ontario.Click on the image above to see the photo gallery.

After weeks in the making, the first-ever Liberation Cup Soccer Tournament recently took place in Virgil, Ontario. Four teams in total participated, and three of the teams were comprised of migrant workers. The fourth team travelled from Toronto representing the San Lorenzo Community Center.

The games were hard fought, but in the end there could only be one Liberation Cup Champion, and this year’s title went to the home team.

The event was much more than just a soccer tournament, however. It was a day of celebration and unity. Over 150 athletes and community members participated in the fun-filled event.

“The importance and impact of events like these cannot be understated. Seeing the community from Toronto come down and support migrant workers is truly inspiring,” says national representative Pablo Godoy who was invited to play with Team Virgil in the tournament.