By the numbers: Certainly not the 1%

►         1 in 10

Canadians is considered poor.


►         3.2 million

Canadians living in low income.


►         634,000

Canadian children living in poverty.


►         9.6 per cent

Poverty rate in Canada.


►         5.2 per cent

Poverty level among seniors.  In 2010, seniors in Canada had the lowest incidence of poverty of all demographics.


►         21.5 per cent

Poverty level for single mothers.


►         22 per cent

Poverty rate of children living with a single mother.


►         10 per cent

Poverty rate in Alberta (2009). Regionally, Eastern Canada was poorer than Western Canada.

Source: Statistics Canada; OECD study: Divided we stand: Why inequality keeps rising, released December 2011


►         20 per cent

Canadian workers earning less than $10 per hour.


►         35 per cent

Non-standard – temporary, part-time, self employed jobs out of all jobs.

(Source: Statistics Canada; HRDC)


►         The majority of those living in poverty are working poor – not welfare recipients. (Hon. Ed Broadbent)