Tell the IOC to Get Rio Tinto Off the Podium!

Workers at the Rio Tinto smelter in Alma, Quebec, have been locked-out for months. The company is demanding that every unionized worker – at every Rio Tinto facility on the planet – take a 50% wage cut.

A global attack on workers deserves a global response.  UFCW Canada is standing with Rio Tinto workers, and our brothers and sisters from the United Steelworkers, in calling on activists around the globe to add their voices to the Get Off the Podium campaign. 

This campaign is dedicated to drawing global attention to Rio Tinto’s labour practices by ending its status as an official supplier of metals for the medals used in the Olympic Games.

Mining giant Rio Tinto is providing 99% of the fine metals that go into the Olympic Summer Games medals, and yet the company does not live up to the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play when it comes to its treatment of its workers, their families and communities. Rio Tinto’s Olympic involvement tarnishes the Games.

Take 20 seconds out of your day, join the campaign and send a message to the International Olympic Committee and Rio Tinto by clicking HERE.

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