Jobless rates in Canada, 2012

Where is the job growth strategy that the Conservative Government promised to deliver? The numbers released in June by the Statistics Canada show just a mediocre picture of job creation in Canada.

1.4 million

The number of unemployed workers in Canada , in May 2012 ( 7.3%)


The number of unemployed workers for every job vacancy in Canada, between January to March 2012.


The number of unemployed workers in Atlantic Canada for every job vacancy.


The number of unemployed workers in Ontario for every job opening; in British Columbia the unemployment rate jumped from 6.2  in April to 7.4 percent in May of this year.


Percentage of youth unemployment (age 15-24)


The number of new jobs created in May.


The number self-employed category of workers rose in May, usually showing a sign of labour market weakness.


Percentage of unemployed Canadians who are not actually receiving Employment Insurance.


Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey – June 2012; Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)