Overwhelming majority of Red Deer Co-Op workers vote in favour of new contract

UFCW Canada Local 401 is proud to announce that over 96 percent of Co-Op workers in Red Deer, Alberta have voted to ratify a four-year deal that offers greater stability and security for themselves and their communities.

Lead negotiator and UFCW Canada Local 401 Secretary-Treasurer, Theresa McLaren, union representative Don Crisall, and a stellar committee of seven Red Deer Co-Op workers negotiated the new contract.

Some of the highlights of the four-year deal include 70 cents per hour retroactive wage increases effective July 3rd, 2011; 80 cent hourly increases effective July 1st, 2012; 70 cent increases effective July 7th, 2013; and 60 cent increases by July 6th, 2014. These highly competitive wage increases will make the Red Deer Co-Op employees among the best-paid retail workers in the province.

Other proud achievements include part-time sick leave pay for all part-time employees – regardless of hours worked - and their inclusion in bereavement leave pay provisions.

As with all workplaces, scheduling and the distribution of hours are major issues that require a great deal of discussion. The committee is very pleased that the employer agreed to make significant improvements to scheduling and layoff language.

Because the bargaining mood was amicable from the start, the two sides were able to work together to achieve an impressive collective agreement. "Our cooperative, day-to-day relationship with the employer translated into success at the bargaining table," says Sister McLaren. "The Red Deer Co-Op workers are extremely happy with the outcome of these negotiations."