UFCW in Quebec marches to protest against austerity measures


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Montreal – December 2, 2014 – A large contingent of UFCW Canada members, activists, and Quebec Local Union leaders took part in simultaneous marches held in Montreal and Quebec City on November 29th, to take a stand against the austerity measures announced by provincial Premiere Philippe Couillard and his Liberal government.

Despite the cold weather, more than 125,000 union members, community activists, as well as various advocacy groups from civil society, joined together, to loudly and clearly voice their dissatisfaction with the direction the Quebec Liberal government is going, as it seeks to drastically reduce services. The cuts are expected to result in a profound pullback in public and community services. The budget cuts will ultimately compromise access to essential services for everyday working families, those in low income brackets, women, people with disabilities, seniors and people living in remote areas.

These rallies were just part of a larger, ongoing community campaign, called « Refusons l'austérité » (NO to Austerity), which has a number of future events in the works to protest and push against the economic strategy of the Liberal provincial government. There will be no shortage of rallies and demonstrations through the winter and spring of 2015, and UFCW in Quebec will be there at every one!