Workers force Walmart to address serious health and safety concerns in warehouses

The strike by Walmart workers in Los Angeles comes on the heels of strikes at two massive warehouses in the Walmart distribution network. Workers at a Walmart warehouse in Illinois continue their strike which started on September 17 over unsafe and abusive working conditions. Earlier this week, the strikers and more than 600 community allies blocked access to the facility, forcing the warehouse to temporarily shutdown.

Meanwhile, workers at a Southern California warehouse that moves Walmart merchandise have returned to work after a 15-day strike that included a six-day, 50-mile pilgrimage for safe jobs. On September 28, workers from all three shifts at the 24-hour facility returned to work after winning safety improvements on the job and drawing a response from Walmart about poor working conditions in its contracted warehouses.

The warehouse workers' struggle has inspired the solidarity of over 120,000 supporters and has shone a much needed light on the conditions Walmart warehouse workers face.

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