UFCW Canada connects with NDP staff and caucus at Ottawa event


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Ottawa – February 24, 2016 – UFCW National President Paul Meinema recently travelled to Ottawa to meet with the executive board members of UFCW Canada Local 232, as well as NDP Members of Parliament. Local 232 is the newest UFCW Canada local union, and represents the staff of the NDP caucus.

The Ottawa event served to connect UFCW Canada to the Local 232 Executive and to the NDP MPs, since there had been no opportunity to meet since the federal election last October. It also provided an occasion for the national president to tell UFCW Canada’s history within the New Democratic Party.

“We wanted to do this sooner but the federal election last year not only brought changes to the elected MPs but it also brought major changes to Local 232,” said Brother Meinema. “It was really nice to put aside our organizational agendas and just have an everyday conversation for a change.”

Even with 50 centimetres of snow descending on Ottawa, a majority of the new NDP caucus attended the event, including NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, as well as UFCW Canada National and local union representatives from across the country. UFCW Canada looks forward to meeting with more MPs in the future to seize the opportunity before us and positively change the political direction of our country.