webCampus Human Rights Courses

UFCW Canada is committed to promoting Human Rights by providing diverse channels that foster membership inclusion in your union’s programs. In addition to the work the HRED department does to ensure member’s voices are heard when developing our equity agenda, we want to ensure members have the skills to fully participate inside and outside their union as effective allies for change.

To support this initiative a suite of courses is offered so members can build their knowledge on the most current Human Rights discussions. Successful completion of webCampus Human Rights courses can count to College or University accredited certificate and degree programs, in addition to webCampus certificates. Click the course links below to start your journey towards being a Human Rights ally, all while earning valuable educational credits. 

Being Inclusive—LGBTQ

Standing up for Human Rights and the rights of workers is fundamental to what we do and who we are as trade unions—an injury to one is an injury to all. We need our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered members to know that the union belongs to them as much as it belongs to other members.

Human Rights & Diversity

While laws like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms have allowed us to live together peacefully, there are forces that still encourage discrimination and hate. This course explores the reasons people divide us into ‘us versus them,’ instead of treating each other with dignity and respect. 

Influencing Democracy: Make Your Voice Heard

Government is our creature—we make it, we are ultimately responsible for it. One way to make our voice heard is through lobbying for the causes that matter to us. Learn ways to get the attention of politicians so your efforts will make a difference. 

Making a Difference: Canadian Activism

Our country has a long list of citizens who made differences in our lives, from human rights to our environment. When Canadians recognize a challenge, they find the courage to change it.

Politics Matter, Women Matter

This course is an introduction to Canadian politics (how things get done) and an invitation for women to get involved.

Restoring Human Dignity: The Indigenous Legacy

There are many stories Canadians do not regularly learn in school. Our history is littered with events that are either deliberately overlooked or forgotten due to our own internal biases. And this is particularly true when it comes to the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. For over a century, Indigenous children in Canada were taken from their homes and communities and placed in residential schools. Separated from their families and prohibited from speaking their languages, the clear majority of residential school survivors experienced neglect and suffering. And the impacts of sexual, mental and physical abuse, shame and deprivation endured at residential schools continue to affect generations of survivors and their families today.