Reconciliation and the Pillar of Acknowledging

Reconciliation in the Workplace Toolkit

Toronto – June 16, 2016 – Reconciliation within a workplace environment is about inclusion, belonging, dignity, and respect. Throughout National Aboriginal History Month, we have been exploring the four pillars of Touchstones of Hope model, led by The Caring Society (FNCFCS) and have adapted it to reconciliation in the workplace. The second pillar of reconciliation involves acknowledging.

In reconciliation, the pillar of acknowledging is about learning from each other's past and recognizing the need to forge a new path in reconciling our differences. Acknowledging involves affirming that the principles of inclusion are interlinked with understanding the diversity of our workforce. It affirms that values that are held between different groups in a workplace deserve respect and dignity.

Guiding Principles of Reconciliation in the Workplace: