Athabasca University Partnership

100% of Athabasca’s courses are offered online and are available anywhere in Canada.

UFCW Canada is proud to announce a partnership between Athabasca University and webCampus, UFCW Canada’s free online education and training program. Going forward, UFCW Canada members and their families who successfully complete approved webCampus courses (*) may have them recognized as transfer credits towards a portion of the following Athabasca’s University programs (click on each program for more information):

University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations

Bachelor of Arts Labour Studies – 4 year program

webCampus participants must e-mail webCampus ( their intent to participate in this program to receive full program details (i.e. time limits, costs, registration process, transfer credit equivalencies, etc.). All webCampus courses are free to UFCW Canada members and their families. Participating in this program provides significant cost savings for those interested in pursuing the aforementioned Athabasca programs. 

Enrolling in Athabasca University entails one-time fees (including a general application fee and an evaluations and transfer credit fee) and tuition fees for each course in which you register. A full list of fees and tuition costs can be found on the AU website.

The following webCampus courses are part of the ‘transfer credit’ system with Athabasca University for the programs mentioned above. Participants can apply any combination of the courses listed below. The combination must add up to a minimum of 45 hours (which equates to 3 university credits), up to a maximum of 12 credits. Each course can only be used once.

The approved courses are as follows:

Approved webCampus courses – Athabasca University partnership

Advanced Stewarding (10 hrs)

Labour History, Part Two (15 hrs)

Better Note Taking (15 hrs)

Being Inclusive: LGBTQ (15 hrs)

Communicating in Tough Moments (15 hrs)

Making a Difference: Canadian Activism (15 hrs)

Communicating with Confidence (15 hrs)

Our Environment: Welcome to the Issues (15 hrs)

Effective Meetings (15 hrs)

Politics Matter, Women Matter (15 hrs)

Everyday Leadership (15 hrs)

Preparing for Arbitration (10 hrs)

Fear and Intimidation in the Workplace (15 hrs)

Problem Solving (15 hrs)

Good Enough to Work - Good Enough to Stay (15 hrs)

Proud to be Union (15 hrs)

Handling Tough Issues (10 hrs)

Steward Essentials (15 hrs)

Human Resource Advocate, Part One   (15 hrs)

Together Fairness Works (15 hrs)

Human Resource Advocate, Part Two (15 hrs)

Understanding Arbitration (15 hrs)

Human Rights & Diversity (10 hrs)

Understanding Collective Bargaining (15 hrs)

Influencing Democracy (15 hrs)

Union Culture and Solidarity (10 hrs)

Introduction To the Union & Stewardship (15 hrs)

Union Renewal: Equity, Diversity & Community Outreach (10 hrs)

Investigations (15 hrs)

Unions and the Global Economy (15 hrs)

Labour History, Part One (15 hrs)

Work and Life Choices (3 hrs)

*Additional courses to choose from may be added as they become available.


University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations

The University Certificate in Human Resources and Labour Relations is offered by the Centre for Social Sciences. This is an integrated, multidisciplinary program of courses that examines employment relations within their social, legal, political, and economic contexts. This certificate will be of interest to trade unionists, managers, human resource specialists, and individuals interested in better employment opportunities. Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Students may obtain either the University Certificate Human Resources and Labour Relations or the University Certificate in Labour Studies (following), but not both. Students who have completed the former University Certificate in Labour Relations may not enrol in this program. Students are recommended to take Athabasca University’s ENGL 255 or ADMN 233 early in their program.

See the program website for more details.


Bachelor of Arts Labour Studies – 4 year program

Athabasca University's Labour Studies program is designed for students who want to know more about the position of labour and working people in society. It will be of particular interest to trade unionists at both the leadership and general membership levels.

Offerings include courses in labour history, work organization, women and unions, and the theory and practice of trade unions.

See the program website for other possible career options