UFCW Canada supports Jagmeet Singh for NDP Leader

The UFCW Canada National Council has endorsed Jagmeet Singh for leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP).

"The great qualities and strengths of all the other candidates made this decision very difficult, but UFCW Canada leadership believes Jagmeet is the leader who will help the NDP grow to new heights with a new generation," says UFCW Canada National President Paul Meinema.

Join UFCW Canada in supporting Jagmeet Singh for Leader of Canada’s NDP.

"Jagmeet is the candidate who best represents the interests of UFCW Canada members from coast to coast," adds the UFCW Canada National President. "His continued dedication to social justice, and his drive to ensure the betterment of working Canadians are a part of the qualities that gave Jagmeet the advantage in the National Council’s deliberations."

UFCW Canada is encouraging all member activists to be united and speak with one voice by supporting Jagmeet Singh as the leader of the federal NDP.