UFCW Canada has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racism and discrimination in the workplace.

Your union believes that a key piece to eliminating racial discrimination rests with the provision of equal opportunities for all individuals – regardless of ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds. In the workplace, it means removing barriers that limit the opportunities for those belonging to minority groups. To build a strong union, we must respect equality of the membership and we ensure this through the provision of strong collective bargaining language.

UFCW Canada anti-oppression initiatives include:

• diversity and inclusion measures undertaken by the UFCW Canada Human Rights, Equity and Diversity Committee;

• ongoing diversity and inclusion training for all UFCW Canada staff and officers across the country;

• anti-racism and anti-oppression analysis as a component of social justice issues advocated on a number of diverse fronts including LGTBQ, gender equality, temporary foreign worker justice, disability issues in the workplace, anti-violence against women initiatives and indigenous advocacy;

• a focus on equity through the inclusion of strong collective bargaining language and provisions that enforce human rights;

• development of anti-oppression educational resources;

• support of annual social justice days of observance and solidarity campaigns centred around human rights issues; and

• continuously advocating for the rights of migrant farm workers and temporary foreign workers employed in precarious work.

As Canada’s most progressive union, it is our duty to uphold the human, equity and diversity rights of every member and the communities they live and work in.

Understanding Racism and oppression in Canada

Racial Bias is when people or groups of people are treated differently in their workplace or communities because of their racial background, beliefs or traditions. Bias can be conscious or unconscious, and at times involves the preference of one group or set of people to another.

Why it is wrong

• Racial biases emphasize differences rather than similarities or shared characteristics.

• Many biases are based on generalizations or assumptions about a person or ethnic group.

We must be aware of racial biases and promote respect. Let’s be inclusive!

Actions you can take to stop racism and oppression

• Promote inclusiveness in your workplace by stopping oppressive language on the spot.

• Be considerate of one another. Become an ambassador for positive change.

To learn more about this important issue, please check out UFCW Canada’s action card on implicit bias and the effects of racial bias in the workplace.