2018 YIP season kicks off in the Atlantic


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Halifax – May 14, 2018 – Canada’s leading program for young labour activists, the UFCW Canada Young Workers Internship Program (YIP), recently commenced its 2018 season with its first session of the year in Halifax, Nova Scotia – bringing together young UFCW Canada activists from across the Atlantic region.

Participants gathered for a jam-packed week of dynamic training and learning, where they engaged in several skills development exercises aimed at helping them become better activists within their workplaces and communities.

“We’re so excited to kick off the 2018 Young-Workers Internship Program off in Halifax this year,” says YIP Facilitator and UFCW Canada activist Zenee Maceda. “The program is a great opportunity for young UFCW members to see how large our union family is across the country and it is also serves as a testament to UFCW Canada’s commitment to getting young members more involved within their union,” Sister Maceda adds.

Other topics covered throughout the week focused on politics, media and collective action. By the end of the week-long session, at least two participants were inspired to take a more active role within their workplace and applied for shop steward training with their Local Unions.

“YIP is a fantastic program for those looking to learn more about their union,” raves UFCW 864 member Aaron McKinley. “The program provides the necessary skills to be an effective union advocate in the workplace.”

Each year, YIP reaches out to over 100 young member-activists from across Canada. The next session of this ground-breaking program will take place in Winnipeg this June. To learn more about YIP, click here. You can also follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.