New webCampusPLUS courses grow your gardening skills

Toronto – April 24, 2019 – UFCW Canada's ground-breaking online education program, webCampusPLUS, is launching two new courses to blossom your budding gardening skills and know-how.

Gardening Foundations will bring out your green thumb with tips and directions on planting a garden, along with the fundamentals of growing plants and vegetables. Some of the topics to grow your gardening skills include:

  • gardening basics
  • soil quality
  • fertilizers and soil enrichment
  • organic gardening methods
  • plant hardiness zones


Garden Design blossoms you from the basics of gardening to growing your budding skills to design a garden of your choice. This course will also show you how to put your gardening know-how to work at home or at your local garden centre by enriching your knowledge to:

  • understand and be able to explain the elements and principles of garden design;
  • be familiar with different types of gardens;
  • be able to explain the various aspects of garden maintenance;
  • understand the relationship between the plant hardiness zone and successful gardening;
  • know which tools are needed to plant and maintain a garden; and
  • be able to explain the concept of succession planting.


To see the full webCampusPLUS course listings, click here.