BDM Scholarship helps UFCW 1991P member work towards internship

Sherbrooke, Que. – September 5, 2019 – Jonathan Denoncourt-Nadeau is one of eighteen winners of the UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship. Jonathan is a student at the Université de Sherbrooke enrolled in the Certificate in Orientation Program and is also a proud UFCW 1991P member who works at Les Emballages Carrousel.

Brother Denoncourt-Nadeau had the following to say about winning a UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship:

"This scholarship is important to me as it provides a significant amount of money to carry out my projects. Indeed, this scholarship is a positive response to all the efforts I have made to get into the Université de Sherbrooke. These funds will help finance my next internship in the field of guidance counselling. In addition, the funds will allow me more time to focus on my studies, and thus improve my academic performance. In conclusion, this scholarship is a source of motivation for me. In my opinion, it is a tribute to the determination I have shown in my academic career. Thank you so much, UFCW!"

The UFCW Canada – BDM Scholarship offers a total of $18,000 in scholarships to UFCW Canada members and their families and is one of more than 25 union scholarships available to members and their families every year, totaling more than $300,000.

The fast-approaching deadline to apply for the BDM Scholarship is September 30, 2019.

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