New webCampus course called “Design your own Website & Blog” launched this March

Toronto – February 19, 2013 – North America’s leading labour education program – webCampus – is pleased to announce that it will be launching a new course in March called “Design your own Website & Blog”, which will run from March 4  – 28, 2013 (the new course in currently available in English only).


Design your own Website & Blog – Course Description:


Today most people are connected via email, or through blogs and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In today’s technologically overloaded society, a website or blog is like what a business card was in the eighties. Many people would be unsure about the idea of having a website or blog of their own. The reasons for not having one could range from “Why have one?” to a lack of technical knowledge, or embarrassment (or fright) of having a website that might let the whole world know about them. 

But contrary to what most people think, having a personal website or blog has several advantages and immense benefits to almost everyone today:



Course Objectives          



Registration is now open. To register for the new March course, and to find out more about webCampus, please visit the best union education program offering free courses to members and their families, or call webCampus toll-free at 1-866-865-0202.

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