Railway car cleaners vote "Yes!" to join the union, UFCW 206

Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ont. – August 7, 2013 – Workers at Canadian Railcar Cleaners in the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario are the newest members of Canada's best union after voting "Yes!" to joining UFCW Canada Local 206.

The workers clean and prepare railway cars that transport Honda automobiles to various locations throughout the country. Their reasons for joining the union included various health and safety issues in the workplace, the employers' refusal to properly train employees on essential equipment, and low wages. Mistreatment from management was also creating high turnover and volatile, inconsistent working conditions.  

"We would like to congratulate our new members at Canadian Railcar Cleaners, who have shown that a better workplace is possible when we stand together for positive change," says Local 206 President John Hurley. "This victory strengthens and diversifies our union by expanding our representation among workers in non-retail sectors."

The employees at Canadian Railcar Cleaners join many other UFCW Canada members who work in the transportation industry. UFCW is Canada’s leading private sector union, representing more than a quarter of a million members across the country.