Target opens in Quebec, but is not above the law

target canada quebec Montreal – September 17, 2013 – As Target opens its first-ever stores in Quebec, more than 5,000 former Zellers’ employees whose locations were purchased by Target continue to be brutally shut out from the welcome.

UFCW Canada, which has led the campaign for justice for former Zellers workers, continues to stand with those whose rights have been violated by U.S. giant Target — including its shameful attempts to circumvent Quebec's Loi sur les normes du travail (Quebec’s ‘‘Labour Standards Act’’). Target missed a great opportunity to come into Quebec as a good corporate entity by obeying Quebec laws. As a result, Target will soon be required to answer for its actions before the Commission des normes du travail (Quebec’s ‘‘labour standards board’’).

In June, former Quebec Zellers’ employees had their first encouraging news since the purchase of the Zellers chain by U.S. multinational retailer. On June 28, 2013, the Commission des normes du travail recognized the right of the former Zellers workers to file a complaint in the wake of not being rehired at Target. Thus, all  Quebec Zellers’ employees who applied for or will apply for a job at Target, and whose application was or will be denied, may now lodge a complaint with the Commission des normes du travail within 45 days of their application’s being turned down.

All former Quebec Zellers workers are encouraged to file a complaint with the Commission des normes du travail in order to send a clear message to Target that it is not above the law. For assistance, a toll-free confidential hotline (1-800-363-5566) has been set up to help former Quebec Zellers workers, at no-cost, in pursuing their action with the labour standards board.