Seven-year battle ends with UFCW 509 Health and Safety victory

Seven-year battle ends with UFCW 509 Health and Safety victory Montreal – April 5, 2014 – On the occasion of World Health Day, we would like to celebrate a great health and safety victory for workers. Like many others, this victory, which has been achieved after seven years before the courts shows UFCW Canada's unwavering and proactive commitment to advocacy for its members’ workplace health and safety.

Specifically, a member of UFCW Canada Local 509 (TUAC 509) who had been a welder at Supermétal Québec inc. since 1989, has won his case before the Commission des lésions professionnelles (‘‘Quebec’s employment injury board’’). The member was challenging a ruling stating that he had sustained no employment injury in his workplace. The Commission des lésions professionnelles agreed to hear his petition.  

In the case before the injury board, it was demonstrated that the worker’s specific health condition, namely a chronic obstructive lung disease, had been made worse due to his work as a welder. In fact, by being exposed to ferrous dusts and fumes as well as to products such as epoxy resin and zinc at work, he developed siderosis and eosinophilic bronchitis.

It was also proved that his specific health condition had been aggravated after a graduated return to work as a welder, with a resumption of his symptoms.

UFCW Canada Local 509 is proud to have supported this member throughout the seven-year battle to finally allow him to obtain the compensation to which he was entitled.