Workers at Alimentation Steve Dumont sign new contract

Workers at Alimentation Steve Dumont sign new contractSainte-Anne-des-Monts, Que.– June 9, 2014– This past April, UFCW Canada Local 509 members working at Alimentation Steve Dumont, a Metro-owned grocery store in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, Quebec, voted in favour of the agreement-in-principle reached between their bargaining committee and the employer. By approving the agreement, the Alimentation Steve Dumont members have renewed their union contract for the six years, which means the agreement will expire in 2020.

With this new contract, the three dozen Local 509 members have strengthened their jobs and working conditions by negotiating a 2 percent wage increase for workers at the top of the wage scale, and obtaining a 2.5 percent wage increase per 700 hours worked for employees who are still progressing through the scale.

The improved wage rates are also accompanied by improvements in bonuses, such as a $1.00 hourly premium for night and weekend managers and a $0.80 hourly night shift premium.

With respect to non-wage benefits, the Local 509 members have achieved an increase in the employer contribution to the UFCW Dental Plan, which will provide workers with an 80 percent fee reimbursement.

"It is important for us at UFCW Canada Local 509 to make sure that our members and their families enjoy a first-class dental plan," says UFCW Canada Local 509 President Daniel Nadeau. "That's why we committed to negotiating a collective agreement that protected the dental plan and improved it year after year," Brother Nadeau adds.

Under the new contract, the employer will be required to contribute to the Quebec Federation of Labour's Solidarity Fund, and will also provide staff with complete uniforms. As well, the new collective agreement guarantees that the Local 509 members will keep their existing non-dental benefits.