Social Justice

Social Justice is built by respecting diversity and working together to create a just Canada for all

Canada was built on the strengths of diverse people and the vision of many from around the world who came here to make their future. Disregard for anyone’s human rights due to colour, gender orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, language, age or any other protected ground impacts everyone and perpetuates systemic inequality and division.

As Canada’s most progressive private sector union, UFCW Canada (United Food and Commercial Workers union) is committed to challenging the obstacles that prevent diversity and inclusion within communities and workplaces. The UFCW Canada Human Rights, Equity and Diversity Committee leads the fight in developing and co-ordinating national programs that reflect the diversity of our workforce – from collective agreements created in the main language spoken in the workplace, to online learning opportunities, at no cost, for all members to obtain a Labour Studies Certificate in the area of human rights.

Social justice means fighting for people’s rights, free of fear and intimidation and with the strength of union solidarity as a voice of diversity to shape the equitable Canada we want. It means working together to expand opportunities for First Nations communities, minority and racialized communities, women, new Canadians, and workers in precarious employment. It also means building awareness through grassroots and political action.

Social justice means a better Canada for all, and with you we can build it!

Find out how you can get involved with UFCW Canada’s social justice work.  Contact the Human Rights, Equity and Diversity Department at