Less Blame


Less Blame - More Solutions


• Only a few months into the economic crisis in Canada and Liberal and Conservative leaders are already using the economy to push for more restrictive immigration policies. 

• It’s not just, it’s not true, it’s not Canadian -  it’s time to stop scapegoating immigrants for the economic crisis.

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OMNI TV - 18 February 2009


• The Liberals and Conservatives have made comments that suggest that Canada’s diversity is the primary reason for our current economic crisis. Immigration has been a source of prosperity in our country. The dangerous political strategy of “scapegoating” immigrants and migrants and espousing protectionism and extreme nationalism can quickly degenerate into intolerance, xenophobia and outright racism.

• Limiting immigration will result in a Canadian workforce that is ill equipped to respond to labour market needs once the economy is back on the upswing.

• Stand up against the Conservatives and Liberals who blame immigrant and migrant communities for their parties’ poor economic policies.

• Tell the Conservative Minister of Immigration Jason Kenny, that Canadians want less blame and more solutions in this economic crisis by clicking “Send a Message” Button above right.  Your letter will also be copied to both the Liberal and NDP Immigration Critics.

UFCW Canada Justice for Immigrants

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