2011 Ontario Youth Internship Program

2011 Ontario Youth Internship Program participants. Back row (from left to right): Tiffany Carey, Local 1000A; Marco Rocha, Local 1000A; Lisa Tompkins, Local 1000A; ; Ivona Petrovski, Local 1000A; Co-facilitator Laura Morton, Local 175; Enver Harbans, National Office. Front row (from left to right): Geoff Gosselin, Local 333; Rob Spencer, Local 1000A; Mike Marinovich, Local 206.

The 2011 Ontario Regional Youth Internship Program recently wrapped up its final session in Barrie, Ontario, and is already receiving strong reviews from participants.

This year’s Ontario YIP included members from several UFCW Canada local unions, including 175, 206, 333, and 1000A. The week-long session of the renowned program focused on “discussing, debating and sharing different perspectives on issues that affect our lives as union members and global citizens,” says national representative Enver Harbans, who coordinated the Ontario YIP.

“Young members learned about topics like stewardship, collective bargaining, union myths, globalization and the political system,” adds Brother Harbans. “The young members also discussed ways of resisting globalization and how taking action in their workplace, community and school can make a real difference for workers everywhere.”

While reflecting on the week-long session, Local 1000A activist Ivona Petrovski said, “I just feel like I'm more open-minded about life than before I walked into the class. This program has changed me as a person.”

“The Youth Internship Program continues to be one of the best ways to integrate young members into the roles and functions of the union and one of the best ways to build a strong activist base within UFCW Canada,” says UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley.

Three more YIP sessions remain for 2011: Western Regional (May 15-20), Prairie Regional (August 21-26), and Atlantic Regional (October 16-21).

Young members interested in participating in the Youth Internship Program are advised to contact their local union office.



Vol. XI No. 20 • May 16, 2011