Politics Blog: The Ford-Kenney twins

Toronto – March 2, 2019 - When Doug Ford and Jason Kenney met up last August at the federal Conservative convention in Halifax, Kenney claimed it was the beginning of a bromance that was so strong, they were finishing each other’s sentences. So, if we take look at what Ontario’s Premier Ford has done so far, we can anticipate what a UCP government under Jason Kenney would do in Alberta if elected.

One of Ford’s first acts was to cancel Ontario’s cap and trade carbon pricing program, and renewal energy projects. Jason Kenney has promised to cancel Alberta’s carbon levy and funding for renewable energy projects.

Ford cancelled increases to the minimum wage, took away paid sick days from Ontario workers and made it harder for workers to receive overtime pay. Kenney has stated that he would lower the minimum wage for young people and servers, as well as claw-back other progressive changes made to Alberta’s labour laws.

Doug Ford cancelled changes to the education curriculum which hadn’t been updated in over 20 years. Issues relevant to today like cyber bullying, gender identity and harassment were scrapped and replaced by the old curriculum which was drafted long before kids had access to the internet. Jason Kenney has announced that he is planning on canceling the curriculum review in Alberta,  and supports changes to legislation governing Gay Straight Alliances that could out gay students without their consent.

Ford once posed for a photo with white nationalist and former Rebel Media host Faith Goldy,  while Jason Kenney’s close confidant John Carpay has compared the LGBTQ flag to the Nazi emblem. Kenney has also had numerous UCP candidates found making racist, Islamophobic or homophobic statements.

Doug Ford’s leaked plans for healthcare revealed potential plans for more privatization. Kenney has confirmed he would look to the private sector to play a bigger role in the delivery of Alberta healthcare.

What else might Kenney have on his agenda if the UPC formed government?

Ford’s cuts to indigenous education program, cuts to increases for disability assistance, and the  elimination of the Child and Youth Advocate, and numerous regulations to protect the environment? It’s quite possible because with the Ford-Kenney twins, wherever Ford has stomped, Kenney has followed in his footsteps.